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Friday, March 4, 2011

Yankees vs, Red Sox...Round 1/2

Well with previews complete its time to start talking about actual baseball games! As I write this the Red Sox take a 4-1 lead over my Yanks. No big deal. It's Spring! The big thing today was the two great innings throw  by Manny Banuelos! I am very excited about this 19 year-old pitching prospect as many Yankee fans are. He was sitting 92-95 with the fastball and at least twice gasses it up 96. His curve ball looked very good once and just okay a few others, he seemed to be overthrowing it a bit. His change up was devastating and that is big for a young kid. Curve balls are overrated. The best off speed pitch is a good change up. Man Ban has it! His poise is way beyond his years and even though its crazy early I look forward to seeing him progress! A good friend of mine, Yubin, made a great comparison. I've already heard a few people say Banuelos reminds them of Johan Santana, which I can see, but Yubin compared him to Jon Lester of Boston which I think is the better answer. Banuelos hasn't developed the stuff to the point of Lester yet but the mid-90s heater and the good curve and change are very similar between these two guys. If Banuelos can pitch like Lester, I'll be thrilled! For the fans of the Santana comparison, they look exactly the same standing on the rubber before they move! Another great sign from Banuelos was a 2-0 curve ball he threw to Jason Varitek for a strike to get back into the at bat. Whether it was Russel Martin calling the pitch or Banuelos wanting to throw it, it was a great sign from the battery as a whole. Many young pitchers with good arms like to try and throw harder and harder when they get in trouble. The ability to slow it down and focus is huge!! Also his mechanics are excellent and if he trains properly should be able to avoid major injuries. Expect to see him start in Trenton, which I live 5 minutes from and will be going to see the games, and MAYBE pitch a few innings in September but I wouldn't count on seeing Manny Banuelos in Yankee Stadium until 2012.

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