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Monday, March 14, 2011

Birthday Baseball

Well it's my birthday and I get to watch Yankees Red Sox! It is of course only spring training but we're half way through and inching closer to the regular season! Spring training is fun but I really am ready for the real thing! I love this time of year. The pros are getting ready, guys are gettin sent down, others trying to win spots on the big club. Little League is gettin ready to rock and roll and I'm back to umpiring this season! So excited. I can't wait! The team I play on doesn't start till the middle of May which is gay but I'll live. Spring softball starts soon too! So many chances to be on a field! Then we have the non-field baseball activities. FANTASY! Got three drafts coming up in the next two weeks it's time to do home work! Let me know who you think will be the biggest break out star of 2012! Personally I'm thinking Austin Jackson will be one of break out bats and (hopefully) Ivan Nova will get some big wins!

........It's so close!


  1. Biggest Break out candidate? Gio Gonzalez. Love his stuff and hes gotten better and better with almost each start ever since he shut down the Yankees at the stadium in 2009.

    I like Brandon Morrow's chances to break out this year as well. We saw him start to put it together at the end of the year last year and I still don't understand why Seattle moved him.

    Like Stanton to raise hell on offense over a full season this year. Teammate Gaby Sanchez is one of baseball's better kept secrets and I got a feeling Brett Gardner is going to force Jeter out of the lead off spot (and it won't be due to Jeter sucking)

    PS. You're an ayss

  2. Well said and I agree completely! Gaby Sanchez is a phenomenal secret and I think Chris Coghlan is another fish that could break out. They may have a decent year and I hope they beat the Phils!