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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

It's about time!

Well, it's the best time of year once again! Baseball is here!!!! Some people suffer from winter depression because of the cold and the dark, for me the only winter depression stems from a lack of 9 players on a green and brown field between two white lines throwing a ball around and hitting it with a stick. There is nothing more perfect. The boys have reported. The game begin in a few days. Baseball season is here. The best moment of my year is always when the last second ticks off the superbowl game clock. That is when baseball season begins. The pros are getting ready and at the same time the young men of the future are being placed on Little League teams and beginning their indoor practices. Millions of fans are preparing to laugh, smile, clap, and cry over the fate of their favorite team. Everyone starts in first place. The perennial power houses are ready to repeat, the teams who struggle have made their moves to try and compete. Fantasy teams are being drafted. Prospects are trying to make the team out of camp. Baseball is here. There's nothing better.


  1. "Everyone starts in first place." The mantra of every Mets fan!

  2. But only six can end in first place :)